About Us

Sacred Earth Soaps began in 1998. After becoming a Mom Laura started to think about the safety of the products that she was using in her daily life for her and her family. She started to experiment with all natural soap recipes, and after enthusiastic response from all of her willing guinea pigs, on a whim Laura decided to have a booth at The Cathedral Village Arts Festival. At that first festival Laura sold out of everything and had so much fun she decided this business was worth pursuing. 

For many years, the soap was only available at Eat Healthy Foods and the occasional craft sale. As a stay at home mom with two young children Laura didn't have the time it would take to expand her little business. It was at Eat Healthy Foods about this time that Laura met Jordan. Jordan was immediately fascinated by the idea of making soap, and after a few introductory lessons he was sure that this business had incredible potential. Slowly the production shifted from a combined effort to being Jordan’s sole responsibility with Laura still involved with product development, marketing and sales. 

Over the years we have increased our product line, adding shampoo bars, beeswax candles, and a full line of skin care products. Our unique creations are now available at many craft sales as well as the Regina Farmer’s Market and numerous local stores. All of our production still takes place in our home, and since Sacred Earth’s creation we have never wavered from our commitment to truly natural ingredients. We continue to focus on increasing our use of organic and fairly traded ingredients while at the same time doing our best to keep our prices reasonable. 

Thanks for your interest in our family’s business; we hope you enjoy our products!